Strong, Supportive, Inclusive Community

The poet John Donne said it best when he wrote, “No man is an island entire of itself.” People are not islands – they need other people in their lives. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities don’t have other people in their lives and go through their journey alone with no one by their side.

The suicide rates in our segment of the disabled community are six times the national average. Depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use and abuse are rampant. Loneliness itself is unhealthy. Research studies show that loneliness kills more people each year than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It exceeds the risk of alcohol consumption, it exceeds the risk of physical inactivity, obesity, and it exceeds the risk of air pollution. Studies also show that increased social connection was linked to 50% reduced risk of premature death.

The most important ways we go ABOVE & BEYOND at Access For Opportunity are by creating a warm, supportive, friendly atmosphere for our residents.